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Advantages of container transport via Rotterdam.

Bayern > Rotterdam
Bayern > Hamburg/Bremen

Daily rail connections

Daily rail connections

Your direct connection with bayern

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Connected daily; frequent and reliable

All inland terminals in the network of European Gateway Services are connected by barge and/or rail with Rotterdam and other seaports, often daily and sometimes even several times a day.

Immediately after having been discharged from the deepsea vessels, containers can travel onward to the hinterland and vice versa. Choosing European Gateway Services means choosing reliability, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. Your carbon footprint will decrease substantially

Six trains a week between Rotterdam and Southern Germany

The Rotterdam-Bayern Express constitutes a fully-fledged alternative for the traditional route from and to Bayern via the North German ports and can accommodate both maritime and continental cargo. In Rotterdam, the train serves all major container terminals at both the Maasvlakte and in the Maashaven/Waalhaven area. In Southern Germany, the service calls at respectively the Tricon Container Terminal in Nuremberg and the inland terminal München Riem in Munich.

European Gateway Services also offers pre-transport and post-transport services at both locations. Cargo which departs Rotterdam by train on day 1 is available on the South German terminals on day 2 and already at the doorstep of customers anywhere in Southern Germany and the north-west of Austria on day 3. In the other direction, a similar transit time applies to the connection with the deepsea ship.

Direct connection between Aschaffenburg and Rotterdam

Apart from the daily connection from Nuremberg and Munich is Aschaffenburg 4 times a week directly connected with Rotterdam.

Click here for the complete schedule Aschaffenburg  – Rotterdam

Deeper into Europe

In addition, various onward connections deeper into Europe area available from the inland terminals, also for continental cargo. European Gateway Services maintains all connections in cooperation with renowned partners with a solid reputation in the field of efficient transport by rail and barge.

Synchromodal network

Synchromodal network

Your way to make transport more efficient

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Synchromodal network: reliable & sustainable

Our view on ‘the ‘ease of doing business’

Synchromodal, is optimal

European Gateway Services stands for optimal reliability and security of delivery. We make sure that your container always cost-efficiently reaches its destination right on time. To achieve this, European Gateway Services operates synchromodally. This approach offers the efficiency and sustainability that logistics requires, both today and tomorrow. Synchromodal transport is a continuation of intermodal transport, in which the mode(s) of transport and route(s) are consistently selected based on current circumstances and with the customer’s required delivery time as a starting point. EGS always selects the optimal transport combination for you, carefully weighing all variables - available modes of transport, occupancy rates, routes, transit times, possible disruptions. If necessary, the modality is even changed while the cargo is already en route. Synchromodal transport ultimately yields a reliable service provision at competitive costs in which optimum use is made of modes of transport and infrastructure whilst drastically reducing CO2 emissions.


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E-book: The future of freight transport in Europe is Synchromodal

The transport of tomorrow is all about reliability, sustainability, efficiency, flexibility and 'the ease of doing business'. To learn more on our vision on tomorrows transport: download this E-book (only in English available)

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