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Advantages of container transport via Rotterdam.

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Volume/scale of the deepsea port

Volume/scale of the deepsea port

Your gateway to the world

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Rotterdam: already 50 years on top

As Europe's leading container port, Rotterdam constitutes a crucial hub for European Gateway Services. The container flows which converge here provide a strong foundation for an elaborate network in Europe with highly frequent connections. Both smaller and larger customers stand to benefit. European Gateway Services offers you a one-stop-shop for all your European destinations.

Volume and scale are required in order to consolidate cargo flows and create optimal occupancy rates for transport by rail and by barge. Something that is pre-eminently possible in Rotterdam. This makes the port an excellent starting point for organising synchromodal transport for both maritime and continental cargo. The more volume is consolidated, the larger the scale, the more competitive the concept.

Unrestricted access for the largest vessels

Unrestricted access for the largest vessels

Your 24/7 port

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Unrestricted access for the largest container vessels at all times

Rotterdam is optimally accessible for the very largest ships, including Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS). The port has neither draught limitations nor locks. The biggest container ships can enter and depart fully laden 24 hours a day. The depth alongside the quays of the container terminals allows for all ships to be easily handled. Every year, some 30,000 seagoing vessels call at the port of Rotterdam.

The service provision of EGS is optimally geared to the volumes of containers which are unloaded and loaded by these large vessels.

First and last port of call

First and last port of call

Your cargo earliest at your destination

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Rotterdam: the first port of call in Europe. The quickest way to get your cargo to its destination.

Rotterdam: first, but also last port of call in Europe. For many deepsea shipping lines, Rotterdam is the first port of call in Europe. This allows European Gateway Services to provide you with the shortest transit times to your final destination. While the seagoing vessel is en route from Rotterdam to the next European port of call, your cargo is already headed into Europe by barge or train. In many cases, Rotterdam is also the last port of call in Europe and therefore the best route for your overseas-bound export cargo.

First port of call

Last port of call

Efficient customs procedures

Efficient customs procedures

Your trade facilitator

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Rotterdam Customs facilitates your trade activities

Customs procedures in Rotterdam are handled quickly and efficiently. All administrative formalities take place electronically. Inspections are fully integrated in the logistics process. Furthermore, European Gateway Services has customs licenses for paperless transport to various locations in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany.

It is not until the inlandterminal that you will need to arrange your customs formalities. European Gateway Services is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This quality mark of Customs is a guarantee of safety and reliability; it allows customers to benefit from major customs simplifications. As a result, your cargo moves through the logistics chain even faster and safer.

Tax representation

Tax representation

I like to save money. Don’t you?

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Cash flow advantages via Rotterdam

European import via Rotterdam and the Netherlands yields significant cash flow advantages. Through a so-called fiscal representation, the payment of VAT can be deferred until the cargo is delivered to its final destination; if applicable, this is also when offsetting takes place. In many other European ports, VAT is payable immediately upon arrival of the cargo in the port and any offsetting does not take place until later. In view of the often substantial amounts involved, this deferral of VAT positively impacts your cashflow. Customers of EGS can make optimum use of this.

Save money by importing via the port of Rotterdam

Port Community System

Port Community System

Your smart partner

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Rotterdam’s digital link


Portbase, a full subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, connects all the parties in the logistics chains of the Dutch ports. The Port Community System (PCS) comprises more than 40 services on one single platform. The Port Community System (PCS) from Portbase is the digital connection to the smart port of Rotterdam. All links in the logistics chain can easily and efficiently exchange data via the PCS.

Portbase Service Selector (PDF)


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