Does the network of European Gateway Services only comprise connections to and from the deep-sea terminals of ECT?

No, the network of European Gateway Services is an open network and consists primarily of synchromodal (barge, rail and road) connections between the deepsea terminals of ECT in Rotterdam and the inland terminals that are a part of the network. European Gateway Services however offers more. Other seaports and deepsea terminals are connected to the network as well. From the inland terminals, links are offered to other inland terminals and deepsea terminals in both Rotterdam and beyond. As a result, a vast, open network of efficient, reliable and sustainable connections is created.

What does the release procedure of my container at the extended gate look like?

Upon arrival at the extended gate, containers are automatically blocked. After registration of
a valid subsequent document, the container is unblocked and a truck driver can collect the container.

How does European Gateway Services work with Customs?

In the case of Premium Service and Paperless Service, we transport your container between
the deepsea terminal and the extended gate under the so-called domproc licence of
ECT. Through an own EDI connection, we also take care of the customs clearance of the brief
declaration at the deep-sea terminal. Containers are transported and stored at the extended gate (bonded warehouse) under the customs arrangement of ECT.

Do I need to do anything else besides booking to make use of European Gateway Services?

In the case of Premium Service and Paperless Service, we arrange the entire process for
you, from the deepsea terminal to the extended gate. All we require from you at the time of
your booking is some basic container-related information such as CRN, port of loading, cargo
description and number of items.

For whom is European Gateway Services intended?

European Gateway Services is intended for both shipping lines and, in the case of merchant haulage, logistics service providers, transport companies, and shippers.

How can I book my containers with European Gateway Services?

You can book through the central bookings desk of European Gateway Services (T +31 (0)
181 278 308, E egsplanning@ect.nl) or via the extended gate that you are planning to use.
The contact details for these inland terminals are available on the inland terminal factsheets.

Are there any surcharges for my transport?

Our Energy Adjustment Factor (EAF) for truck and barge transport is available here.