EGS winner of the German Dutch Logistics Award

European Gateway Services (EGS) has won the first German Dutch Logistics Award for its vision on synchromodal transport and the way in which it is put into practice. The prize was presented on Tuesday afternoon in Duisburg during the 5th edition of the German Dutch Logistics Conference.

EGS uses synchromodality as it offers the efficiency and sustainability that logistics requires, both today and tomorrow. With synchromodal transport the mode(s) of transport and route(s) are consistently selected based on current circumstances and the customer’s required delivery time. To fulfil its promises, EGS has developed the Synchromodal Trip Optimizer (STO). This unique planning system comprises all the variables for hinterland transport. For each transport order, the STO calculates the optimal synchromodal solution. If a disruption is encountered en route, EGS can also pro-actively anticipate this by means of the STO. At all times, the starting point is to deliver each container at the specified location at the agreed-upon time, at competitive costs and with lower CO2 emissions.

The German Dutch Logistics Award is awarded annually to a company or initiative that has contributed most to German-Dutch logistics cooperation. The Award is an initiative of Nieuwsblad Transport and Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung. Three companies were nominated for the Award. EGS preferred 54% of the conference participants, who could vote during the conference.

(Photo: Nieuwsblad Transport)