North Rhine-Westphalia gets taste of synchromodality

On the 24th of November, a room full of forwarders and shippers from North Rhine-Westphalia attended a masterclass in synchromodal transport by European Gateway Services (EGS) in Essen. Many companies were interested to learn exactly what synchromodality entails and how it can benefit them. The general conclusion of the attendees after the masterclass: synchromodal transport is much more than a buzzword; it is a concrete new concept for reliable and sustainable hinterland transport.


“Compare it to,” suggested EGS Sales Executive John Monteiro to his audience in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The only thing that matters to you is that you receive your parcel on time. The manner in which it has been transported is probably irrelevant to you.” EGS applies the same principle for synchromodal transport. “You let us know the time your container needs to be at the warehouse from the seaport – or, in the opposite direction, from your warehouse to the seaport - and EGS takes care of everything. Depending on the circumstances at the time, we can optimally transport your containers by train, by barge or a combination of the two.”


Synchromodal pricing

During the masterclass, the attendees posed many specific questions, for example about the pricing of synchromodal transport. Monteiro: “EGS uses a separate rate for synchromodal transport. After all, a more attractive product is involved. The question here is: will you opt for quality, for always synchromodally having your containers at your warehouse on time, or is your focus solely on price with all the potential inefficiencies this entails? In the latter case, you will for example need to wait for the next departure should your container miss the connecting inland barge. Opting for synchromodal transport offers you an optimum transport mix at one single rate.”


'Green' awareness

Sustainability proved to be an important issue for the freight forwarders and shippers from North Rhine-Westphalia as well. Monteiro: “The innovative planning tool - the Synchromodal Trip Optimizer STO - which we use at EGS not only calculates the smartest, most cost-effective route, but also the related CO2 emissions. The STO has a separate algorithm for this. That kind of ‘green’ awareness is a standard part of the service.”


Invitation to SynchroMania Game

EGS is now implementing the synchromodal concept in practice for North Rhine-Westphalia. Monteiro: “Initially, we will do this through our inland terminal in Venlo. Our inland terminals in Duisburg and Willebroek will be added in phases.”


Monteiro has a concrete offer for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia that want to learn more about synchromodal transport. Together with the Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and partner Danser Container Line, EGS has developed the SynchroMania Game. This game will give players a natural sense of the advantages of synchromodal transport. I would like to invite every company for a session. You can register for the SynchroMania Game via +31 (0)181 27 8195 or