Munich Bayern

Duss-Terminal München-Riem

General information

  • Strategically situated in the Bayern region
  • 5 times weekly rail shuttles between Rotterdam and Munich
  • Efficient and sustainable

Available Modalities

  • rail
  • truck


  • Rail tracks: 14 x 700 m
  • Reefer plugs: Yes

Rotterdam - Bayern Express

The Rotterdam-Bayern Express offers you a daily connection between Southern Germany and Rotterdam.

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Import Schedule Rotterdam > Duss-Terminal München-Riem Departure day
Exports Schedule Duss-Terminal München-Riem > Rotterdam Departure

For delivery please take the cargo cut off times into account. For questions: or +31 181 278308


Connected inside EGS network with Duss-Terminal München-Riem Location

For other connections, please contact: or +31 181 278308


Services and Facilities


General contact information:

Telephone: +31 (0)181 27 8195

For bookings contact:

Central booking desk
Telephone: +31 (0)181 27 8308