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General FAQ

Q: Where can I find contact information?
A: Contact information is available on this page (link). General contact information related to the terminals can be found on the specific page of the terminal, located in the menu under ‘Terminals’.

Q: Where can I find the address of a terminal?
A: This information is available on the page of the terminal in question, in the menu under ‘Terminals’.

Q: Is it possible to visit ECT?
A: Information on visiting ECT is available under ‘Visiting ECT’.

Q: Is it possible to photograph and/or film at the terminal?
A: Information on filming and photographing can be found under (link).

For other general questions please call +31 (0)181 – 278278.

For customers:

Q: How will I be kept informed of operational information?
A: ECT sends service messages 24/7; these can also be found on the Homepage. Customers are automatically notified. (Furthermore, it is possible to download the ECT app. The app is available in the App Store under ECT).

Q: I am a customer of ECT and I would like to request a MyServices account. How can I do this?
A: Contact the ICT Service Desk of ECT to request an account: or +31 (0)181 - 278073.

Q: I have a MyServices account, but I am experiencing difficulties with my account.
A: Contact the ICT Service Desk of ECT: or +31 (0)181 - 278073.

Q: I would like to know the object status of a ship. Where can I see this?
A: You can view the most current information in 'terminal overview'. (link to terminal overview)

For other operational questions please contact the Customer Service Desk: +31 (0)181 - 278088.

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