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EGS offers synchromodal transport to and from Southern Germany

EGS offers synchromodal transport to and from Southern Germany

European Gateway Services (EGS) connects Rotterdam with the south of Germany by means of both rail and inland shipping. Through the deployment of various modalities, EGS is able to optimally respond to the wishes of customers and to current conditions. ECT consequently offers its customers a flexible network rather than just a connection.

This week, the barge Amalia will be deployed between Rotterdam and Nuremberg (Germany) in addition to the regular EGS rail connections on this route in order to provide customers with additional capacity. In Rotterdam, the barge is handled at the two deepsea terminals of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT); besides Nuremberg, it also calls at the terminal of Hutchison Ports Duisburg.
With the possibility to deploy barges as an extra modality - and thus provide extra capacity - on the route between Rotterdam and Bavaria, EGS distinguishes itself from other operators providing connections between the Northwest European seaports and Bavaria. The use of multiple modalities alongside one another offers customers additional certainty, for example if one of the modalities should be blocked.


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