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Update weather conditions Antwerp

Update weather conditions Antwerp

Dear customer,

Due to the adverse weather conditions in Antwerp, the operational activities of most deepsea terminals in the Port of Antwerp are affected. We received the following information from the MPET and PSA terminals:


Due to the current weather conditions (dense fog) we cannot guarantee a constant flow of our operational activities regarding the handling of trucks and intermodal. This applies to all our terminals; MPET 1742, MPET 1718, PSA 869 and PSA 913.


• barge will not be handled. Barge handling will start again on 15/01 at 2pm

• rail is currently shut down and will be resumed on 16/01 at 2pm

PSA Antwerp

• barge handling will restart during 2nd shift on 14/01

• handling by barge will not be possible during 3rd shift on 14/01

• barge handling will restart during 1st shift on 15/01

We will inform changes according to the current situation, as soon as possible.

Management PSA and MPET


This affects our schedules. We will do all we can to minimize the effects on our planning. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude any delays. We ask for your understanding in this case of ‘force majeure’. We will keep you informed about the situation.

Please contact your local Customer Service department if youhave any specific questions:

Rotterdam: +31 (0)181 27 8308 / []

Duisburg: +49 (0)203 80 90 60 / []

Venlo: +31 (0)77 3241 960 / []

Willebroek: +32 (0)3 880 27 13 / []

Kind regards,

European Gateway Services

Sander Joosten

Network Manager

Head Office:

Europaweg 875

3199 LD Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Port number 8200

Postal address:

P.O. Box 7385

3000 HJ Rotterdam

The Netherlands

For Bookings contact:

Central Booking Desk

Telephone: +31 (0)181 27 8308

E-mail: []

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