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Hutchison Ports Duisburg

Trucking Services

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Storage Services

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Storage Services Storage duration
Day 1-5 Day 6 Day 7-10 Day 11-16 ≥ 17 Days
Rates (per TEU per day) Free € 6,00 € 6,00 € 11,00 € 16,00
Additional surcharge (one off) € 33,00

Note 1 Day 1 is day of arrival at terminal

Note 2 A surcharge will be applied on day: 6

Value Added Terminal Services

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Value Added Terminal ServicesRateComments
IMO/Waste Storage€ 38,00>24h: restrictions and surcharges are applicable (24-h-regulations acc. § 3 Abs. 4 GefStoffV)
IMO labeling€ 41,00Per container, incl. additional handling (one label only)
Reefer plug in/out€ 32,00Per container per day, excl. handling, incl monitoring during (dis)connecting
Seal replacement€ 10,50Per container, excl. possible additional handling
Weighing (transport bound)€ 38,00Per container, according to SOLAS, report will be issued electronically
Extended Gate Service € 11,00Paperless Service (per container)

Shunting by terminal truck

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Shunting by terminal truck (excl. handling)RateComments
Hutchison Ports Duisburg - DUSS terminal€ 36,00Per container, per direction and including 30 min free terminal time
Waiting time€ 12,00Above free time of 30 mins, per container, per direction, per 10 min

Handling of containers

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Full and empty containers, per handlingRate
Truck, Barge, Rail€ 33,00
Rail, shifting containers from a rail wagon to another position on the train, per container€ 33,00
Barge; shifting containers from bay to bay on board a barge, per container€ 33,00
Stack; repositioning of containers on terminal on request of customer€ 33,00
Interim storage; temporary storage of (non-)transport bound container. (DeCeTe Duisburger Container-Terminalgesellschaft mbH is excluded from liability for any delay and/or demurrage and detention costs that may occur.)€ 38,00
Weekend supplement (for rail or barge objects)
Per handling, applicable to handlings during weekends from Saturday 06:00 to Monday 06:00 and holidays. Holidays start at the evening prior to holiday 22:00 and end at the day after the holiday 06:00. Applicable to scheduled objects. Non scheduled objects on request – surcharges apply.
€ 2,50
  • Third party Rail and Barge handling rates exclude Port Dues.
  • Port Dues will be charged 1 to 1 to the customer and are subject to change (as publicly published by Duisport)
  • The latest Port Dues can be found at the website of Duisport:

Entgeltverzeichnis - Rail:

Hafengeld - Barge:

Storage of containers, empty (non-IMO)

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Per TEU per calendar day or part therof, starting at the day of arrivalRate
Storage per TEU per day€ 2,00
  • All containers will be checked in accordance with UCIRC (Unified Container and Repair Criteria) standard;
  • Please note that containers cannot be checked on “suitable for food use”;
  • Storage of empty equipment as block storage only, stock issue of single container upon special request only;
  • Storage of free days is no right but a financial agreement, in exceptional cases it could occur that empty containers need to be evacuated in consultation with customer according to the regular rates applicable;
  • Empty depot container need to be picked up and released only under reference number.
  • Maximum stack capacity of 100 TEU

Storage of containers, full or empty (non-IMO), in interim stack

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Applicable to non-transport bound containers.
Per TEU per calendar day or part thereof, starting at the day of arrival
A stack handling will be charged per container when the container is transferred to the carriers depot
0-10 days€ 11,00
>10days€ 22,00

Fee for exceeded dwell time (>24h) of transport-related IMO-containers

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

(24-h-regulations acc. § 3 Abs. 4 GefStoffV)Rate
Terminal fee TEU/day€ 38,00
Shunting€ 34,00
Handling€ 33,00
  • Transport-bound IMO-containers have to leave the terminal within 24 hours of delivery/arrival or latest the following business day. If the next day is a Saturday (weekend), the deadline ends with the expiry of the next working day.
  • Exceeded dwell time can also cause additional costs of handlings and shunting when the hazardous good is allowed to store.
  • Hutchison Ports Duisburg reserves the right to transfer and charge all containers into the hazardous goods storage which exceeding the above mentioned deadline.

Other surcharges

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

Other surchargesRate
Night supplement truck€ 16,00
Non-DIYD / Counter visit at Gate In€ 16,00
Non Cargo Card fee / Trip Card€ 28,00

Container (Repair) Services

Valid from 01-01-2021 until 31-12-2021

(24-h-regulations acc. § 3 Abs. 4 GefStoffV)Rate
Labour€ 44,00
Repair handling€ 28,00
Check/survey handling€ 28,00
Estimate fee incl. pictures€ 9,00
Steam cleaning per 20ft€ 65,00
Steam cleaning per 40ft€ 75,00
Sweeping per 20ft€ 18,00
Sweeping per 20ft€ 25,00
Other repair chargesOn request
  • If multiple repair services (e.g. cleaning and repair) are ordered at the same time, only 1 repair handling will be charged

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