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Venlo - Rotterdam; the Green Line

Venlo - Rotterdam; the Green Line

Venlo Express - 'the Green Line'

Hutchison Ports Venlo, European Gateway Services and Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) offer you fully integrated, high frequent, multi- and intermodal connections and many additional services. The Venlo Express between Rotterdam and Venlo offers you many advantages; see our infographic. 


Your trusted partner

ECT has more than 55 years of experience with container handling and is famous for its innovative concepts. Hutchison Ports Venlo was founded at the beginning of the eighties as the first connections between Rotterdam and Venlo were established. This contributed strongly to the development of the logistics sector in the Venlo region. More than 10 years ago, we introduced European Gateway Services (EGS) to further strengthen intermodal transport concepts between the deepsea ports and the European hinterland.

High frequent

With 58 departures per week; 29 from Venlo and 29 from Rotterdam, your container is always on the right time at the right place. There is always a connection to satisfy your needs. We offer both train and barge and if necessary, we can easily provide road transport as well. Four times a day trains depart from Venlo to Rotterdam  and vice versa. Every day you can book a barge between both regions and on demand additional barges can be operated.

97% on schedule

We do what we promise. With 97% of all our trains departing as scheduled, we have every right to say that ‘reliability’ comes first.

Our barges make use of fixed windows at the deepsea terminals of ECT in Rotterdam, which means that they have reliable schedules. Your container is handled at the agreed time.


The combination of high frequent connections and short transit times guarantee a quick delivery of your container. Containers leaving Rotterdam in the morning by train can be collected in Venlo in the afternoon or early next day in case of barge transport or vice versa. Hutchison Ports Venlo is a true extended gate of the Rotterdam container terminals.


All modalities, high frequent connections; the right conditions for genuine synchromodal solutions are available. It is easy to switch within and between modalities. If a departure is missed the next one is available within a few hours. If there are hindrances on for instance the rail infrastructure; barges are an alternative. And if the river is blocked due to low water levels, trains are available.


By offering rail and barge transport, EGS already contributes to a modal shift. However by operating Vectron locomotives on this corridor, EGS and traction partner RTB Cargo are frontrunners in sustainable container transport by rail. The trains of EGS have the lowest emissions, low vibrations and other advantages, such as silent brakes. This makes the Venlo Express even more sustainable.

All deepsea terminals on the Maasvlakte

The Venlo Express serves all deepsea terminals in Rotterdam. APMT-II, APMT-R, ECT Delta, ECT Euromax and RWG all are visited on a regular basis. With its high frequency and complete portfolio of connections, the Venlo Express is THE connection between Rotterdam, Venlo and the large region around Venlo in the province of Limburg and the German Rhine-Ruhr area.

Location Venlo

Venlo is the number one logistics hotspot in the Netherlands. Within the larger Venlo region, a large cluster of logistics activities take place and a large ‘green’ cluster is present. These activities generate a lot of transport. With our EGS connections and the Hutchison Ports Venlo rail and barge terminal, ECT supports the further development and growth of the region already for 40 years. From Venlo good connections are available to nearby Nord-Rhine-Westphalia and further into Europe.

European Gateway Services

European Gateway Services (EGS) offers its customers a network of transport services, additional services and via the Hutchison Ports deepsea and inland terminals, numerous terminal services. The EGS network comprises of 14 inland terminals connected with the deepsea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp. In Rotterdam, EGS is the largest maritime rail operator with more than 40 departures and arrivals per week. Next to the rail connections, EGS also offers more than 30 barge connections on a weekly basis. As additional services, EGS offers specifically in Venlo a Container Yard Release Order for liners (CY release). Containers will be blocked automatically and will only be released after receiving the EDI message of the liner. Other services include customs documentation. With the special Customer Portal customers can get real time information and follow their container.

Hutchison Ports Venlo

Hutchison Ports Venlo is the extended gate of the deepsea terminals in Rotterdam, located on the Dutch - German border, at the heart of the no. 1 logistics hotspot in the Netherlands. Hutchison Ports Venlo comprises both a rail terminal and a barge terminal. Several daily trains and numerous barges a week connect Hutchison Ports Venlo with the deep-sea terminals and (empty) depots in Rotterdam. Hutchison Ports Venlo is also connected with Antwerp by barge. Hutchison Ports Venlo offers all the services, you may expect from a large inland terminals such as storage and depot, container cleaning, maintenance and repair, reefer plugs, weighing, ventilation and fumigation. Last mile trucking can be arranged from the inland terminal in Venlo to the warehouse of your customer or vice versa.

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