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Terminal Services

Hutchison Ports Venlo

Trucking Services

For Local Trucking rates please contact our Inside Sales department via: info@europeangatewayservices.com

Storage Services

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Storage Services Storage duration Max. capacity in TEU
Day 1-3 Day 4-7 Day 8 Day 9-14 Day 15-21 ≥ 22 Days Full/Empty
Rates (per TEU per day) Free € 7,00 € 10,00 € 14,00 € 18,00 € 27,00 25
Additional surcharge (one off) € 51,00

Note 1 Day 1 is day of arrival at terminal

Note 2 A surcharge will be applied on day: 8

Note 3 When max. capacity is reached, EGS retains the right to move the container to alternative location in Rotterdam against agreed export rate for full and empty container

Value Added Terminal Services

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Value Added Terminal Services Rate Comments
IMO/Waste Storage € 13,00 >24h: restrictions and surcharges are applicable.
IMO labeling € 30,00 Per container, excl. additional handling (one label only)
Reefer plug in/out € 15,00 Per container per day, excl. stack handling, incl monitoring during (dis)connecting
Seal replacement € 8,00 Per container, excl. possible additional handling of € 32,00
Fumigation On request
Extended Gate Service Paperless Service (per container) € 11,00 Release Service € 8,00

Shunting by terminal truck (excl. handling)

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Shunting by terminal truck (excl. handling) Rate Comments
Barge terminal (Ankerkade) - Rail terminal (Celsiusweg) € 38,00 Per container, per direction and including 30 min free terminal time

Handling of containers

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Full and empty containers, per handling Rate
Truck, Rail € 24,00
Barge € 37,00
Rail, shifting containers from a rail wagon to another position on the train, per container € 24,00
Barge; shifting containers from bay to bay on board a barge, per container € 32,00
Stack; repositioning of containers on terminal on request of customer € 32,00
Interim storage; temporary storage of (non-)transport bound container. (TCT Venlo B.V. is excluded from liability for any delay and/or demurrage and detention costs that may occur.) € 37,00
  • Third party Barge handling rates exclude Port Dues.
  • Port Dues will be charged 1 to 1 to the customer and are subject to change (as publicly published by Township Venlo)
  • The latest Port Dues can be found at the website of "de centrale regelgeving overheid". Click here!

Storage of containers, empty (non-IMO)

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Per TEU per calendar day or part therof, starting at the day of arrival Rate
Storage per TEU per day € 2,00
  • Storage of empty equipment as block storage only, stock issue of single container upon special request only;
  • Storage of free days is no right but a financial agreement, in exceptional cases it could occur that empty containers need to be evacuated in consultation with customer according to the regular rates applicable;
  • Empty depot container need to be picked up and released only under reference number.
  • Maximum stack capacity of 100 TEU
  • Storage of empty equipment only on Celsiusweg; Storage on Ankerkade on request and surcharges may apply.

Storage of containers, full or empty (non-IMO), in interim stack

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Per TEU per calendar day or part thereof, starting at the day of arrival Rate
0-10 days € 11,00
>10days € 22,00
  • Applicable to non-transport bound containers.
  • A stack handling will be charged per container when the container is transferred to the carriers depot
  • We can not be held responsible for Demurrage & Detention costs.

Other surcharges

Valid from 01-01-2020 until further notice

Other surcharges Rate
Non-DIYD fee € 27,00
Non Cargo Card fee € 27,00
Removal of stowage material On request

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